About Me

Just me My name is Justin Grant. I currently work at Deloitte Consulting. If you want to know more about my current status, check me out on LinkedIn.

I’m a proponent of open source software. I spend quite a bit of time helping organizations move from monolithic platforms to horizontally scalable microservices platforms, usually utilizing one or more forms of NoSQL data stores.

I went to college at University of Michigan, getting my undergraduate degree in Computer Science in Engineering. I started my career as a Database Administrator, starting with Oracle and then transitioning to MS-SQL and PostgreSQL. I transitioned to Java and Hadoop data lakes and all the interesting things surrounding loading data into data lakes and searching for data within the unstructured data.

At this point, I act in the capacity of a Systems Architect. I interpret enterprise architecture documentation, do solutioning, create a design, proof of concept based on capacity plans and SLAs, and direct teams to create the software (helping when necessary).

My Resume