Secrets of Google Email

Secrets of Google Email

2014, Apr 10    

Secrets of Google Email

OK, it’s actually kinda hard to find this on the internet, even though it was public knowledge a while back

Feature #1: Periods in Emails

You can create an email and if you send an email to, it goes to the same user. Usernames ignore periods.  Similarly, you can add extra periods, for example will still go to that same user.

Also to prove this, try and create a new Google account , type 5 letters and a dot (e.g. “cra.da”) - and it will say “  Please use between 6 and 30 characters.”

Why This is Cool: Give it away Twice!

By being able to vary your email address “” vs “”, you can sign up for emails twice on bargain sites.

Feature #2: Plus in Emails

You can add a plus at the end of your email, for example “” can add additional info that will be ignored.  For example, you could send an email to “” and “+1234” will be dropped off and it will be sent to “”

Why This is Cool:  Sorting!

Because of this feature, you can create sorting rules so that “” goes to one folder and “” goes to another.

Gmail’s Advanced Searching

While Gmail’s basic search works well enough, there are really fun advanced options that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

For example, entering has:attachment filename:pdf will show you a list of e-mails with pdf files attached or after: 12/06/2014 before: 14/06/2014 will offer up a list of messages from that specific time period.

You can view the major search operators over at the  Gmail support site — it’s well worth memorizing a few.

Why it’s Cool: Seriously?

OK, if you can’t figure out why this one is cool, I can’t help you.

Sad That This is All I Have?

It’s all I need, but if you want to become a Gmail Ninja, feel free to go here.