Nearly The Only One Even Thinking of Buying a Chrome Pixel

Nearly The Only One Even Thinking of Buying a Chrome Pixel

2013, Feb 24    

Yup. You read that right. I think I’m nearly the only one on the planet even thinking that buying a Chrome Pixel might be worth something.

After the rediculously true reviews that have been coming out - some reasonable, and some just brutal.  The short and long of it is that there is no hard drive.  What are you supposed to do with that?  OK, they are pushing you to the cloud, we get it.  And actually, I mostly am doing that anyways.  I actually am able to do a bunch of my work on an iPad at this point.  All I need is a shell terminal to an AWS Server, really.  Unless my work needs me to do something fairly intensive.  But I could have another laptop for that, right?

It’s a REALLY nice screen though.  I can get over the fact that there are no function keys - only the Chromebook specific keys. The Google development team has shown us how to run Mint Linux on it too, so you can have something that is more than a web browser.  Just don’t install too many programs.  Of course… then your fancy multi-touchpad doesn’t work.  Neither does your touchscreen (which, let’s be honest, you weren’t going to use anyways).  Also, Mint isn’t exactly set up to handle high resolution vector graphics like the comparable Retina MacBook.

OK, it’s a stupid idea.  I told you I was thinking about it, not that I was going to do it.


Update (8/26/2013): Guess someone was much more interested than I and tried it out.  It didn’t go so hot.   Read about it here.