Annoyed with LinkedIn

Annoyed with LinkedIn

2012, Dec 01    

OK, so Linked-In just sent me an email that pretty much matched Mr. Mamechenkov’s post.

So, I’m rightly agitated.  I understand that LinkedIn is cutting edge technology, but changing a public facing API and giving the public a grand total of 5 minutes to change from the deprecated code before the stuff stops working?  Not exactly professional guys.  I know you told folks that you’d be redesigning the pages, but that’s not the same.

Also, I’m in the same place that was mentioned in this article.  My hosted GitHub projects were being shared on LinkedIn, giving a pretty decent cross-section of my abilities as a developer.  This is pretty much the only reason I even have a LinkedIn account.  I was able to create a link to it in the “My webpages” section, but that’s not exactly the same.

Luckily, I was able to find a plugin that posts my new stuff via the JetPack tools for reposting my WordPress publications.  We’ll see if that works.

Update (12/11/2012 2:50pm): The Jetpack plugin seems to be working with the WordPress publications.  It’s not formatted very nicely in the LinkedIn output, but it works. Looks like they are trying to be more like facebook and have a running timeline.