iPhone Security Woes

2012, Sep 09    

So, my girlfriend found an iPhone in the bathroom in our building yesterday. I had no idea who’s it was, but I didn’t want to leave it there. So, I started playing with it to find out how to return it to the person. First off, it was locked.


Seems reasonable. I lock my Samsung Galaxy as well. Don’t want people getting into my stuff just because they found my phone.

My girlfriend has an iPhone too, so I tried looking at the pictures. Maybe I’d recognize the girl in the building. Nope. Apple had done a good job of locking that out too.

Locked Phone

Can’t knock them for that either.

There’s only one button on the phone (other than the power button), so I pushed it. It brought up Siri. Totally forgot about Siri! Awesome.

Siri Contact

So I said “Who am I?”

That’s when things got interesting. Siri brought up the contact associated with the owner.

Siri Contact

But notice that this is not just the name and some additional contact info, but everything. I now had this girls name, all of her email addresses, all her phone numbers, her home and work addresses, and best of all… she stored all of her passwords in this contact! Now, being the nice guy that I am, I didn’t jot down all of her passwords or anything. But when I emailed her and she picked up her phone, she was freaked out. She had no idea how I got her contact info. So I showed her.

Turns out, Siri can look up EVERYTHING. So I tried it with my girlfriends phone. I just said “find Justin.” It immediately opened a list of contacts with that first name. No password required. F’ing ridiculous! Turns out you can lock Siri.

OK… now if I do that… how am I supposed to find out who this phone belongs to?!?! Turns out… there is no way. Found that out in this article.

Suddenly, I was very pleased by the fact that I have an Android. This is what my lock screen is (which allows nothing to happen without unlocking first and has the contact info that I want):

Android Lock

I hate you Apple. Why don’t you stop wasting your time suing folks, losing your customer’s data or account information and price fixing, and maybe put some of that giant cash of money into fixing your products’ holes. OK, I love my Macbook Retina, but I still hate you Apple.  See you at the product release for iPhone 5!