About Me




  • Technical Lead for Deloitte.  Working on several projects utilizing my MongoDB knowledge and Java Experience.
  • Senior Software Developer for Altamira Technologies.  Worked on Hadoop data warehousing stack, using a PostgreSQL database, Karfka, Storm and Grails
  • Software Developer for Sotera Defense (Data, Fusion and Analytics Division), focusing on Government Open Source Software Solutions (GOSS) that enable big data Web Analytics, utilizing Google Closure, Spring 3, Accumulo and MongoDB.
  • Engineering Lead/DBA for Synthesis, a company that helps to enable marketing teams (usually with Mutual Fund Companies, but not always) to Data Warehouse as well as automation/digitization of documents, to provide customers with a much faster turnaround for knowing what’s going on with their money.
  • Executive Vice President of Mutual Computing Corporation in Schaumburg, IL. This company helped small businesses set up and customize their websites.
  • Web Developer for eLearningCurve.  Created and managed the e-Learning Curve website, an online learning resource providing tools for Information Professionals.  I consumed as much as I could while I was there as well.  For a DBA, this is a great place to refine your Data Quality skills.

Open Source:

  • I am a big proponent of Open Source Software. In my opinion, it helps the people of the world improve their situation and society as a whole by encouraging learning by all and the sharing of services between individuals. You can see my personal projects on GitHub (which everyone needs to get to know and love).