Stupidest Google Groups Message I Have Ever Found

I understand that google groups has upped the number of permissions that people can tweak. That way, you have separate permissions to join, post, reply, etc. If you want to be a nazi in your group, they give you the power. However, I came across the most ludicrous message I have seen from any google application:

“You do not have permission to leave this forum.”

And just so that folks don’t think I’m just making it up, I took a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 2.29.44 PM

Now, I know that Google Groups isn’t the most feature rich forum software out there, nor is it the most feature rich newsgroup software. Unfortunately, I have now relegated this to “The place where the retard Google devs get to play.” This is because, whomever thought that this was an appropriate message or rule to make, falls into that category.

(PS – Sorry if I insulted any special needs kids. Just know that you can make fun of some of the Google developers now.)

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